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MA Contemporary Fine Art Blog Jan 2023. Angela Fox.

Updated: Jan 23

In my first semester I learnt the process of body casting with alginate moulds and making casts with Plaster of Paris. The image shows parts of the self, positioned on my bed. I particularly like how the casts portray weight when in contact with the mattress.

Right breast and portacath body cast.

I think this cast was particularly successful as it shows my portacath in detail. A example of some of my casts including stomach, breasts and nose.

I then learned how to make silicone casts to make unlimited casts. I chose to make the silicone casts out from my breast moulds, as I was interested in making moulds out of foodstuff. In the past I had researched the slang words for breasts and was shocked at how many were related to food. I started to think about making my breast casts out of gelatinous food related materials, such as marshmallow, jelly and tofu.

I added to the jelly breast moulds my three weekly treatment detritus that the nurses leave and I say I will throw but never do! I stash it away for future use.

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