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Angela Fox

Stockport-based artist.

2015: A metaphorical bomb dropped into my life and exploded.
All artwork ceased.
2018: A new beginning. The majority of my work is now autobiographical.

My practice seeks to communicate and, in turn, hopefully educate. It addresses issues that on occasion can be challenging for both myself and the viewer.  It is a record, a diary, a moment in time and encapsulates the emotions that fuel the work - which are unfortunately mainly anger and frustration.  At present I have been working on small scale projects, hopefully gaining in confidence to produce larger scale pieces. I use mixed media with a prominent focus on text, using typewriter text / Letraset.

A full list of all the exhibitions and projects I have been a part of since 2018 can be found here. A summary of all exhibitions since 2010 can be found here.

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